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An organization is born: Takefive Interactive

Posted on June 29, 2015

I’m excited to be part of the founding team for our organization at the UofI, Takefive Interactive. After months of toiling with code and people, we have a decent webpage and boast some interesting projects, and are set to become an officially recognized student organization.

The sense of accomplishment and belonging has never been more intense, as I witnessed our team matures and an organization blossoms. We progressed from wandering desultorily about our target to a motivated group with clear objectives and systematic execution, and being there to push for every change and experiencing each step of improvement is more than joyful to me. I could vividly recall all the details during HackIllinois, pulling all-nighters writing code, strolling back to my dorm at 3am and continuing to push code via GitHub, demonstrating our app with enthusiasm, the exuberance erupted when we received the special prize from Apple, and a unforgettable dinner with Apple engineers. We would have never achieved this if not because of everyone’s hard work and sacrifice.

We’ll not stop here. Takefive will dedicate itself to helping students learn programming and building the most valued apps for the university. Should you be lucky enough to stumble upon this page as a student from UIUC, don’t hesitate to join us!

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